Buzzworthy Lips

Buzzworthy Lips!

100% Natural 100% Awesome Lip Care. Beeswax Lip Balm is all natural moisturizing for your lips. Now that is something to smile about!

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Africare for Skin and Hair

Specially formulated for flawless skin & hair. Africare offers products that moisturize skin, soften skin marks & eliminates ash. For hair, Africare helps control frizz, nourishes hair and adds shine.

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Africare for Skin and Hair

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5 Tips to Make Your Moisturizing Gels Work Even Harder this Summer

5 Tips to Make Your Moisturizing Gels Work Even Harder this Summer

If the sweltering heat is any indication, summer isn’t letting up any time soon…and neither should your summer skincare routine! Between the sun, sweat, chlorine, and everything else your skin puts up with while you revel in your favorite summer activities, keeping your skin healthy and hydrated can be super challenging. But with the right products (and some nifty pro-tips), your skin can enjoy the season as much as you do!First things first – you’ll need to find a skincare product that’s ultra-hydrating, summer-friendly, and right for your skin type. Hmm…that sounds just like our moisturizing gels! Our Coconut Moisturizing Gel and Vitamin E Antioxidant Gel are lightweight, fast-absorbing, and great for all skin types. As a water-based moisturizer, they actually hydrate your skin and help soften, condition, and restore skin tones. These g…
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