Buzzworthy Lips

Buzzworthy Lips!

100% Natural 100% Awesome Lip Care. Beeswax Lip Balm is all natural moisturizing for your lips. Now that is something to smile about!

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Africare for Skin and Hair

Specially formulated for flawless skin & hair. Africare offers products that moisturize skin, soften skin marks & eliminates ash. For hair, Africare helps control frizz, nourishes hair and adds shine.

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Africare for Skin and Hair

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​Save the Bees (and Your Lips!)

​Save the Bees (and Your Lips!)

The bees are in trouble – and Cococare is ready to help. You’ve probably heard about Colony Collapse Disorder: bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. We need to reverse the trend!Planting bee-friendly flowers is one simple way you can help – so in honor of World Bee Day on May 20, we’re sending pollinator seed paper FREE to the first 1,000 people who sign up at! Bees are critical to helping us enjoy about a third of our food (coffee anyone?), not to mention some of our favorite skincare products. Beeswax is legendary at holding in moisture to help keep skin firm, smooth and hydrated by forming a barrier between skin and the environment – without clogging pores. Italso has a high amount of Vitamin A, which is reported to support cell reconstruction. 100% Natural Beeswax keeps lips soft. It goes on smo…
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