5 Tips To Keep Hands Healthy

Hand washing is having a moment. Never have there been so many headlines about when to wash your hands (basically after you do anything), how long to wash your hands (we’re all learning new 20-second song snippets), and how to wash your hands (“like you just got done slicing jalapeños…and you need to take your contacts out,” according a Round Rock Texas city government Facebook meme).

All that hand washing is rightfully aimed at preventing the spread of Coronavirus – but it’s also leaving hands dry, raw and cracked. That’s why we think hand moisturizing deserves a moment, too!

Frequent scrubbing can cause chapped, broken skin – and that can have damaging, even dangerous, effects including:

  • discomfort and even pain
  • reluctance to wash hands (which is critical to preventing the spread of disease)
  • an increased opportunity for germs and bacteria to invade the skin

To make sure that everyone – from those isolated at home to healthcare workers who have significant exposure (and wash their hands even more frequently) – knows how to keep hands moisturized for healthy skin, we have put together these tips.

1. Choose a natural moisturizer without alcohol. Alcohol, found in most hand sanitizers and many moisturizers, dries skin. We recommend using a naturally moisturizing, nutrient-based option like 100% Coconut Oil. It goes on smooth and leaves hands feeling hydrated and nourished. 

2. Have a separate moisturizer for everyone in your household. This is not a time to be sharing moisturizers! To help mitigate the transmission of one person’s germs and bacteria to another, every woman, man and child should have their own hand moisturizer and know how to use it. Hand health is part of overall health.

3. Keep travel-friendly moisturizer with you when you’re on the go. Whether you’re in a field where you are interacting with the public or simply leaving the house for required errands, consider having a separate container. Something like our iconic 100% Cocoa Butter stick is an effective on-the-go option. Beloved for decades, this solid stick of nature’s perfect moisturizer just rubs onto your skin. No drips, no spills. And yes, it’s the same ingredient that goes into chocolate! 

4. Apply frequently. Right after washing and drying your hands, before they are completely air dried, apply moisturizer to lock in hydration. Before going to sleep is another smart time to apply – as is first thing in the morning. And any time your hands feel dry, applying a natural, effective moisturizer is always a good idea.

5. Don’t overspend. There is no need to waste money on overpriced moisturizers – especially at a time that has us all concerned about current and future finances. There is also no need to sacrifice the quality of your moisturizer: consider 100% Natural Moroccan Argan Oil. Known as Liquid Gold, this lightweight oil’s therapeutic effects soften, soothe and prevent dry skin.  (Bonus: it’s amazing at conditioning your scalp and hair, too.)

Which hand moisturizer is right for you? Now is the time to find out! All of Cococare’s products are high in nutrients yet they cost significantly less than other brands. It’s part of the Cococare commitment to #StickWithWhatMatters: making high-nutrient skincare accessible to all!

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