5 Tips to Make Your Moisturizing Gels Work Even Harder this Summer

If the sweltering heat is any indication, summer isn’t letting up any time soon…and neither should your summer skincare routine! Between the sun, sweat, chlorine, and everything else your skin puts up with while you revel in your favorite summer activities, keeping your skin healthy and hydrated can be super challenging. But with the right products (and some nifty pro-tips), your skin can enjoy the season as much as you do!

First things first – you’ll need to find a skincare product that’s ultra-hydrating, summer-friendly, and right for your skin type. Hmm…that sounds just like our moisturizing gels! Our Coconut Moisturizing Gel and Vitamin E Antioxidant Gel are lightweight, fast-absorbing, and great for all skin types. As a water-based moisturizer, they actually hydrate your skin and help soften, condition, and restore skin tones. These gels also get bonus points for containing glycerin, which slows the evaporation of water from you skin, keeping it moisturized longer.

Our moisturizing gels work wonders on their own to give you happy, radiant skin, but these pro-tips will make them work even harder to keep your skin in tip-top shape while you’re having fun in the sun:

1. Take it On-the-Go

You’re finally able to go out again this summer; don’t let dry, uncomfortable skin make you want to cut your outings short! Keep a bottle of your favorite moisturizing gel in your bag to replenish moisture throughout the day and keep your skin feeling ready for anything.

2. Keep a Bottle in Your Fridge

We love doing this with a lot of our skincare products, but this hack is especially great to do with our moisturizing gels! It feels A-MAZ-ING to instantly cool yourself (and your hot, dry skin) while getting that much-needed moisture back into your skin. Heading out to the beach, pool, or picnic? Throw a bottle in your cooler to get cooling relief while you’re out and about!

3. Apply All Over – Including Feet!

Feet often get overlooked when it comes to skincare, but when they get dry and itchy, boy do you notice it! Gels are fabulous for refreshing your feet after a long day of flip-flopping around. Plus, it gives you a chance to have a little self-care moment to give yourself a mini foot massage while you apply.

4. Use Before AND After Showering

Yes, we said “before”! Water won’t wash off the gels. In fact, the gels will actually pull the water into your skin and trap it there for extra hydration. Rub our moisturizing gels from head to toe before hopping into the shower and then again after you towel off for super soft and supple skin!

5. Make Sure it’s #RealDealSkincare

Here at Cococare, it’s our priority to provide you with the best ingredients at the best price, and our moisturizing gels are no different! Our Coconut Moisturizing Gel and Vitamin E Antioxidant Gel are paraben free and use natural moisturizers to nourish your skin deep below the surface, leaving you with the best summer skin you’ve ever had. And at only $6.25 each, you can try them both guilt-free or stock up for the rest of the season (you know you’re gonna go through them quickly with all these amazing uses and tips!)