Are you losing hair? Try this amazing grapeseed oil hack!

There’s a good chance nobody ever told you this, but it’s true: guys aren’t the only ones who can suffer from premature balding. It happens to women too, and when it does, a lot of us have no idea what to do about it.

Here’s the good news: there’s a secret that many women are using to help thinning hair and premature balding – as @chaosincrocs showed us in her viral TikTok. And it can be a super easy fix: just try adding grapeseed oil to your hair care regimen.

Grapeseed oil can help thicken and strengthen hair, and even promote hair growth – no artificial or expensive ingredients needed. Seriously, check out @chaosincrocs TikTok and see the results she got.

Did you catch that bottle at the end? It’s our Natural Grapeseed Oil!

Grapeseed oil is amazing for your hair and skin, and ours is even better than pure grapeseed oil because it’s enriched with natural Vitamin E. (In case you missed it, here’s why Vitamin E is so good for your skin and hair.)

And for just $5.50, you can’t beat the price. So before you shell out a ton of money for expensive, complicated treatments, try this super simple and affordable technique.

Here’s the Hair Oiling Technique:

The technique we use is pretty similar to hair slugging, and the results are silkier, healthier, stronger hair that’s smooth and soft.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Massage the grapeseed oil in, starting with your scalp, then work it through your hair using a wide tooth comb. Make sure you work it all the way to the ends!
  2. Leave it in for at least 30 minutes. You can even put on a bonnet and leave it in overnight…all it’s going to do is moisturize your scalp and hair even more
  3. Wash it out in the shower. You might need to shampoo your hair two or even three times—hair tends to hold onto it! Once it’s all out, don’t forget conditioner.

And that’s it. If you’re trying to regrow or even just rejuvenate your hair, do this one to two times per week.

After her TikTok went viral, @chaosincrocs posted a follow up. Check it out here—she talks more in-depth about our Natural Grapeseed Oil (!!!) and how she uses it in her hair oiling routine.

In just three months, she went from having a few noticeably thinning spots on her scalp to the luscious, soft hair you see in her TikToks. That’s the power of all-natural ingredients.

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PS – No, we didn’t pay @chaosincrocs for this amazing TikTok. We were as surprised as everyone else to see it as you were – but we weren’t surprised at the results. That’s Cococare, aka #RealDealSkincare, at work!