Back to Basics: 5 Reasons to Start Using Bar Soap

Get ready to embrace the old school way of clean. Much like yoga pants (ahem..."flare leggings"), bar soaps are officially back in style. And with the increasing desire to simplify beauty routines and be more intentional about product purchases, it's not really a surprise! The need alone to find ways to live more sustainably has led people to rethink the soap they use every day. But is going back to using such a basic product the solution?

The humble beginnings of bar soap are nowhere near modern day standards, and there are plenty of reasons to make the swap! The ingredients used (and not used) in present-day soaps make a world of difference in leveling-up your get-clean routine while still proving a lot of the same benefits bar soaps have offered from the start. Here are our top 5:

1. Gentle on Skin

Soap is essential for healthy skin, but depending on their form and ingredients, they can do more harm than good. You’ve likely experienced this for yourself from all the extra hand washing you’ve done over the past couple years! We’re not saying liquid soaps are bad for you, but they generally contain more irritants than their bar soap counterparts. With fewer chemicals and preservatives, bar soaps cleanse more gently, which makes them a better option for those with dry and sensitive skin.

2. You Actually Get More Soap

Water is a primary ingredient in liquid soap and body wash, so most of what you’re paying for in those bottles is regular ol’ H2O! While water is used in making bar soap, it’s taken out after the curing process is complete, making it far more concentrated.

3. Less Wasteful

You may not realize this, but when you use liquid soap, you’re usually squeezing out more than you need. And a lot of it ends up going straight down the drain before it even has a chance to lather up! With bar soaps, you KNOW every bit of the soap is making contact with your body, right down to the last bit of the bar.

4. Lasts Longer

Because they’re less wasteful, bar soaps also last longer! You’re less likely to use more than you need at one time, so it’s easy to increase the number of washes you can get out of a bar vs. liquid soap. Pro tip: You can make your bar soap last even longer by cutting bar soap in half (or even thirds) to just use a small piece at a time so not all of it will be exposed to water at once.

5. More Cost-Effective

Since they don’t require extra packaging materials like a bottle or pump, bar soaps typically cost less than other body washes – usually only a couple dollars each (or even less!). Plus, since you actually get more soap out of them, opting for a bar soap is a no-brainer for your budget!

We know we said we’d only give you 5 reasons to make the switch to bar soaps, but when it comes to our Cocoa Butter Complexion Bar and Vitamin E Antioxidant Soap, the benefits just keep bubbling up! So here’s a bonus reason: they’re MORE than just soap…they’re #RealDealSkincare! These vegetable-based pure soaps are packed with nourishment and hydrating qualities to bring moisture and cleanliness to your skin as part of your daily routine. For only $2.50 each, our nutrient-rich bar soaps will have you questioning why you ever used liquid soap.

Sounds like a win-win-win-win-win to us!