Be Thankful For Your Skin

You indulged in the fun of Thanksgiving while giving thanks for all you have. Once it is all over don’t let the stress of overindulging take you down. Plan ahead and make sure you have your skincare routine in place so you can combat the excesses of the Thanksgiving holiday. To help you out we have a few skincare tips that are quick and easy. By committing to a few simple steps, you can have healthy and glowing skin throughout the entire holiday season.

It is not uncommon to experience dry, flaky skin as you come out of the Thanksgiving weekend. For starters, Thanksgiving is the start of cooler weather. The cool dry air draws moisture from your skin leaving it dry and dull. Make sure to moisturize both in the morning and at night. If you feel dry throughout the day, mist your face with a hydrating facial mist.

Had a few too many glasses of wine? If so your skin may be feeling drier than normal. That being because alcohol can dehydrate skin and make it look dull and tired. Rehydrate from the inside out and drink lots of water. If drinking lots of water is not doing the trick, apply a facial moisturizer for added hydration.

You may go to sleep thinking your skin looks great but wake up with a blemish or two or three. Be proactive and cleanse your face with antiseptic, anti-bacterial cleanser. A favorite of ours is 100% Tea Tree Oil. This all-natural oil is not only an antiseptic oil but also an all-purpose skin enhancer.

Don’t forget about your lips. Cooler weather, a few drinks and licking your lips after a good meal can leave your lips dry and cracked. Make sure to have a hydrating lip balm by your side at all times. A quick swipe of a moisturizing lip conditioner will help keep your lips soft and healthy.