Cocoa Butter and The Benefits it Offers Your Skin

We have talked a lot about how beneficial cocoa butter is for your skin in the past and we are talking about it again because it is one of nature’s perfect moisturizers.   Cocoa Butter is a big part of our brand and we have a lot of cocoa butter products to choose from.  It can sometimes be a little daunting to figure out what cocoa butter product will best meet your needs. Knowing what the benefits of cocoa butter are and what each product does will help you determine which one will meet your specific need.

A Brief Background on Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is derived from cocoa beans. Cocoa Butter is a rich butter that is very beneficial for your skin.  It has antioxidants that help fight against the effects of free radicals. This natural moisturizer is a rich emollient that helps protect, hydrate and nourish dry or rough skin. Daily use of cocoa butter helps your skin retain moisture, keeping it soft and supple which also helps improve your skin’s elasticity.  Cocoa Butter helps boost the skins collagen production.  Increased collagen production along with improved elasticity helps aid in the prevention of stretch marks, making cocoa butter a popular product among pregnant women.

Cococare and Cocoa Butter

Cococare’s flagship product is the Cocoa Butter Soap and because of its success the company expanded the line into what it is today.  The cocoa butter products are one of our most popular categories and is known today for its yellow and brown packaging.

The deep moisturizing qualities of cocoa butter make it an ideal ingredient for many skincare products, ranging from cream and lotion to body oil and lip balm. Below are some of the most popular cocoa butter products we offer.

100% Cocoa Butter Stick

We call this nature’s perfect moisturizer because it is a 100% natural product that helps to hydrate your skin. The 100% Cocoa Butter Stick is one of our most popular products because of its 100% natural moisturizing qualities. Its convenient packaging makes it very easy to apply to your skin; you simply remove the top and push the cocoa butter stick up and apply it straight to your skin. Since cocoa butter has emollient qualities, this 100% Cocoa Butter Stick goes on smooth and also makes it an ideal moisturizer for all skin types.

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

Because of its deep moisturizing qualities, cocoa butter also makes an ideal lip balm. Our Cocoa Butter Lip Balm is another customer favorite and one of our most popular products. In a lip balm cocoa butter hydrates your lips and helps prevent them from chapping during the cold dry winter months. Daily use will keep your lips soft, smooth and supple. Use this hydrating lip balm before applying your lip color. Soft moist lips will help your color go on smooth and stay on longer.

cocoa butter lip balm

Cocoa Butter Super Rich Formula Cream

This Cocoa Butter Cream is a super-rich formula made with natural cocoa butter that helps relieve dry, rough skin. This non-greasy delicately scented cream contains natural cocoa butter and is an ideal moisturizer for your entire body. Daily use of this super rich cream will help protect your skin from environmental and climatic changes.  Your skin will stay hydrated and healthy.

Our Cocoa Butter Super Rich Formula Cream also comes in a convenient travel size tube, making it easy to carry around with you at all times, and especially simple to travel with over the holiday season!

cocoa butter super rich cream

Cocoa Butter Super Rich Formula Lotion

This product is a non-greasy lotion that helps to treat rough, dry skin. Formulated with natural cocoa butter, this lotion will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. This cocoa butter lotion is ideal to use for head-to-toe moisturizing and absorbs quickly into your skin.

cocoa butter super rich lotion

Cocoa Butter Body Oil

Cocoa Butter Body Oil is a moisturizing oil formulated with natural cocoa butter. An alternative to a cream or lotion this oil conditions and hydrates dry skin leaving it soft with a healthy glow.  This lightly scented oil is also ideal for use as a massage oil.

cocoa butter body oil

Shopping for the perfect product that will meet your needs may sometimes be difficult - especially when there are a lot of amazing products to choose from. Keep in mind that all of our cocoa butter products will help moisturize and nourish dry skin or lips so whatever product you decide to use will be beneficial to you.

Tell us what your favorite Cococare Cocoa Butter products are and what you think the best ways to use them are in the comments below, or you can also find us over on Facebook or Twitter!