​De-Stress & Refresh with our New Lavender Hydrating Facial Mist

Stress has certainly not been in short supply lately. And the worst part of it is that we can’t do a lot of the things we normally do to de-stress – like go on vacation, get a massage, or even just hang out with friends.

You may have even noticed that the stress is taking a toll on your skin. No, you’re not just imagining that! According to WebMD, stress actually triggers a chemical response in your body that causes skin to be more sensitive, reactive, and challenging to heal. Now you’re caught in a vicious circle of stressing out about irritated skin. Ugh!

Lucky for you, our new Lavender Hydrating Facial Mist is great at multitasking! Just a few spritzes of this soothing blend of natural lavender extract and aloe vera will calm your skin AND your mind. It’s like tranquility in a bottle!

Everyone knows the aromatherapy benefits of lavender. Its mood-enhancing qualities work wonders to help ease anxiety, improve sleep, and treat headaches. But did you know that irritated skin can be pacified with lavender as well? It’s naturally antibacterial and non-comedogenic, meaning it can clear out acne-causing bacteria from your pores WITHOUT clogging your pores in the process.

But our Lavender Hydrating Facial Mist doesn’t just leave your skin feeling relaxed – it makes it extra hydrated too! Natural aloe vera and sodium hyaluronate (aka hyaluronic acid) pair up to quench skin’s thirst, keeping it well-moisturized all day (and night) long.

While it’s great for a pick-me-up any time, one of our favorite ways to use our Lavender Hydrating Facial Mist is just before bed. Mist your face and neck during your nighttime routine and enjoy the delicate herbal scent as you unwind. While you sleep, all those hydrating benefits will work overtime absorbing nutrients to help moisturize and repair your skin. Talk about beauty sleep!

The mist is equally useful for mornings – especially if you aren’t a morning person! Add a spritz before applying makeup to start your day with some calmness. Who couldn’t benefit from that in these crazy times?

Nutrient-rich and accessibly priced, our new Lavender Hydrating Facial Mist truly is #SkincareForAll. And here at Cococare, that’s exactly what we promise from all of our products! That’s also why our entire new facial mist collection – which also includes Cucumber, Rose Water, and Tea Tree Oil – is available now for just $7.99 each…because we know you won’t be able to pick just one!