Heal Those Cracked Heels!

We’ve had our fun in the sun and have the dry, cracked feet to prove it. Who else’s worn out tootsies are due for some serious R&R after months of flip-flopping around in the heat?

It’s easy to forget to take care of the part of your body that seems the furthest away, but keeping your feet moisturized and healthy is more important than you may think. Feet put up with a lot! They literally support you on a daily basis, which places a lot of pressure on them. Take that pressure, add some heat, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster that leads to dryness and cracking skin. When the protective barrier of your skin is compromised by cracks, it’s unable to hold moisture as well and you end up in a vicious cycle of dry skin, cracked heels, and even susceptibility to infection.

The summer heat isn’t the only thing that causes cracks. Damaged nerves from uncontrolled blood sugars make diabetics particularly susceptible to dry feet and cracked heels. According toWebMD, people with diabetes are also more likely to get an infection from cracked heels. This is because reduced blood flow makes it even harder for abrasions like blisters, sores, and cuts to heal. Plus, peripheral neuropathy (foot numbness) is a common diabetic symptom that can keep people from realizing they even have cuts since they can’t feel it!

While cracked heels aren’t something anyone wants to flaunt, take solace in knowing you’re not alone. The Institute for Preventive Foot Health reports that 20% of US adults have experienced cracked foot skin.

But just because cracked heels are a common condition doesn’t mean your feet need to suffer through it!

Cococare’s 5-star Cracked Heel Cream protects and conditions dry, cracked heels and leaves feet feeling refreshed, moisturized, and smelling like menthol with a light, sweet undertone. The sole purpose of the cream is to help soften and sooth burning, tired feet. Who couldn’t benefit from that!?

While its healing properties are fantastic, Cococare’s Cracked Heel Cream is great for general foot health and comfort too! The pocket-sized container (.5 oz) is perfect for on-the-go, everyday use. Take it with you to use after a workout, a long walk on the beach, a hike in the mountains, or even to quickly recharge in the car while running errands.

Pro Tip: Apply a generous amount to your feet before bed and wear socks overnight to help lock moisture in. In the morning, your feet will feel hydrated and you will feel ready to start your day on the right foot. Got some extra time in the morning? Take advantage of the opportunity to use a pumice stone to slough off dead skin!

Cococare’s Cracked Heel Cream is sure to put an extra pep in your step. Reviewers love it so much, they say they wish they could buy it by the pound – and at only $3, they literally can! That’s because Cococare’s commitment to #SkincareForAll means creating high-nutrient skincare you’ll fall head over heels for – without costing an arm and a leg.