Healthy Hands for the Holidays

We often talk about the need to moisturize and when we do we tend to focus on your face, arms and legs. However, there is another body part that needs the same tender loving care and that’s your hands. Believe it or not, your hands are one of the first places to show signs of aging and many times are the most neglected when it comes to daily moisturizing. We have a few steps you can incorporate into your skincare routine that will help ensure the health of your hands.

Moisturize Daily! Apply a cream, lotion or deep penetrating oil to your hands several times a day. As we enter the winter season this is even more important. The cold temperatures pull moisture from your hands causing them to dry, cracked, peel and even bleed. Make sure to apply a generous amount of moisturizer to the back of hands and fingers and not just to your palms. Carry a travel size cream in your bag or have one in your desk draw so you can moisturize throughout the day.

Pro tip: Apply a natural oil after a shower or bath. Our favorite, 100% Coconut Oil is a great moisturizer that deeply penetrates your skin. If applied right after a shower or bath, when your skin is still damp, it will absorb quickly leaving your hands silky smooth.

Do an overnight moisturizing treatment. Apply your favorite moisturizer to your hands prior to bed and then put on a pair of cotton gloves. You may not be comfortable at first, but the gloves will help lock in moisture, allowing your moisturizer to hydrate your hands all night long.

Take care of your cuticles. Your cuticles and nails are prone to become dry and brittle, especially during the cool winter months. Massage a small amount of your favorite moisturizer into your nails and cuticles. After a short amount of time, you will feel and see the difference.

When going outside, wear gloves. Gloves will help protect your skin from the elements. Take advantage of your gloves and apply a moisturizer before putting them on. The gloves will lock in moisture and help keep your hands smooth and hydrated while you are out and about.

If you are a frequent hand washer, take extra care. Use warm water, not hot water, and after washing pat your hands dry, do not rub them. Immediately after drying your hands apply a cream or lotion. Moisturizing right after washing will help offset the drying effects of washing your hands and your moisturizer will quickly absorb.

Don’t let your hands give away your age. If you incorporate your hands into your daily skincare routine, you will have healthy happy hands.