New Year, New Mists: Put Your Best Face Forward in 2021

Let's face it: we've never been happier to be in a new year! That’s why we’re making sure you and your skin get the most out of 2021 with three amazing new facial mists.

Our NEW Cucumber, Lavender, and Tea Tree Facial Mists are lightweight, hydrating, alcohol-free, and oh-so easy to use: just spritz!

These new facial mists are a true trifecta of some of skincare’s greatest natural ingredients:

  • Cococare’s Cucumber with Green Tea Hydrating Facial Mist includes natural cucumber extract, green tea, and aloe vera to refresh and hydrate skin with every spray. The refreshing sensation of cucumber cools and soothes skin upon contact while green tea’s antioxidant qualities help restore skin to give it a gorgeous glow, making this mist great to use before or after applying makeup to add radiance – or even INSTEAD of makeup!

  • Cococare’s Lavender with Aloe Vera Hydrating Facial Mistfeatures asoothing blend of natural lavender water extract and aloe vera. The calming properties of lavender make this facial mist ideal to use before bed or when feeling stressed. Plus, the heavenly smell will help ease your mind aromatherapy-style, so you can leave the day behind and drift off to a peaceful dreamland.
  • Cococare’s Tea Tree Hydrating Facial Toner is made with natural tea tree oil and aloe vera – a perfect combination for refreshing, cleansing, and quenching dry skin. Tea tree oil is known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties that purify and revitalize your skin, so this toner is ideal for fighting acne (and our newest nemesis, maskne) and evening out your skin tone.

Aside from their obvious use to freshen up your face, these facial mists can provide the same wonderful benefits to your neck (a place often neglected during skincare routines) and smell so good, they can even be used as a fragrance!

Joining the popular Rose Water Hydrating Facial Mist, these new additions to our roster of nutrient-rich skincare products are not to be “mist” – and nobody has to, thanks to our commitment to accessible #SkincareForAll. (At $7.99 each, you can try them all and see which one freshens up your beauty routine the best!)

Here’s to a fresh new year!