Pregnancy Skincare Savior: 100% Cocoa Butter!

The pregnancy skincare struggle can be very, very real. Between the major hormonal changes and the stretching/tightening of our skin over 9 months, it’s no wonder that expecting a baby may lead to dry, dull, itchy skin; chapped lips; pigmentation; acne; and yes, stretchmarks.

This is all very natural, of course. But unwelcome skin changes may not make it any easier to deal with the conflicting feelings of physical transformation that many women experience during pregnancy.

You know what else is natural? Cococare’s 100% Cocoa Butter Stick. And our “little yellow stick” has been the skincare secret of pregnant women for generations.

Whether you have “perfect” or “perfectly imperfect” skin, pregnancy is the perfect time to start nourishing it with cocoa butter’s vitamin-rich fatty acids that penetrate deep into the skin. That’s what makes our 100% Cocoa Butter Stick perfect for literally every pregnant woman.

Why 100% Cocoa Butter Works

As the name indicates, cocoa butter comes from cacao seeds – the same place that chocolate comes from. The light yellow “butter” we extract from those beans is a super stable moisturizer. That’s right, the main ingredient in creamy milk chocolate has powerful moisturizing and repairing capabilities for your skin.

What makes it so great for skincare? Cocoa butter is jam-packed with fatty acids that are known to hydrate, nourish, and improve elasticity. This natural butter reinforces the skin’s moisture barrier, helping to keep moisture in – and it penetrates deep beyond the top layer, working long after you apply. Plus, Vitamin A and E provide antioxidant protection, which helps preserve collagen and maintain skin’s elasticity.

That’s why The Little Yellow Stick is a concentrated powerhouse of pregnancy skincare – and why it’s able to tackle stretchmarks and other scars.

Makes skin buttery smooth! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

During pregnancy my face was plagued with dehydration and visible fine lines. I was devastated and spent a ton of money trying different products but nothing worked. That is, until I found this cocoa butter stick. Within a week my skin started to regain its suppleness and glow back. My skin became buttery smooth and the fine lines were barely visible. I enjoyed my nightly routine of gliding the stick across my face and then gently rubbing the cocoa butter into my skin until I was left with the perfect amount of moisture. Plus the scent was soooo soothing and always lifted my spirits. Anyone who wants beautiful, healthy looking skin needs to try this.

~ Sharon J.

How to Use Cocoa Butter for Pregnancy Skincare

Cococare’s 100% Cocoa Butter has so many uses, yet it couldn’t be easier to use. It’s a solid at room temperature that melts quickly and easily once it touches your skin. You can just rub it gently over your skin, rubbing it in as it melts. It’s that simple.

You can also apply cocoa butter directly to your lips to help heal chapped lips and restore moisture.

And don’t forget your feet! Rubbing cocoa butter on your swollen, tired feet feels fantastic and has real benefits for your skin.

To maximize your Cococare glow, we recommend using 100% Cocoa Butter daily as a preventive skincare technique – and more often when your skin is facing extra challenges. You know, like growing a small human inside you.

Oh, and guess who can also benefit from cocoa butter’s powerful skincare properties? That little human, after they are born.

The best moisturizer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It smells great like chocolate and it’s been a savior for my toddler with eczema. Every lotion I put on her she says it burns, so the only moisturizer she will let me put on is this one.

~ Lola

Belly Bump Meets Budget Bliss

Cococare’s 100% Cocoa Butter Stick is the all-natural, plant-based, nutrient-dense skincare secret that you can use before, during, and after pregnancy. It can help heal and prevent dry, itchy skin; minimize stretch marks and pigmentation; calm acne breakouts, keep lips moisturized; rejuvenate achy feet; and even keep baby’s skin healthy.

One more thing: check out the price. One product that does all this, proven over generations, costs less than a latte. A lot less. It’s part of Cococare’s #RealDealSkincare Promise to create skincare products from real nutrients, that really work, and that people can really afford.

So if you’re pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant, or just had a baby, it’s time to give The Little Yellow Stick a try. Know someone who is having a baby? Put a few Cococare 100% Cocoa Butter Sticks in their shower gift – or bring some with you when you meet the new baby.

While you’re at it, try it for yourself! Our 100% Cocoa Butter Stick is great for everyone with skin.