Summer Haircare Tips For Healthy Hair

The weather is warming up, while school and the pressures at work are starting to wind down. Our vacation mode is on and with that comes warms sunny days, fun summer dresses and cool refreshing drinks.  Yet, the combination of the sun, the sand and chlorine during these warmer months can take a toll on your hair. Each season presents its own challenges when it comes to our haircare and summer is no exception.  We have a few tips that will help you enjoy your fun in the sun without having to sacrifice your healthy locks.


With warmer weather comes higher humidity. This can result in frizz and curls that make you want to break out your flat iron!  Help tame the frizz and control the curls by moisturizing your hair.  You can do so with a traditional conditioner after shampooing, but for added moisture apply a nutrient rich oil such as 100% Argan Oil to your hair.  This all natural, lightweight oil helps nourish your hair, fight the frizz and helps keep your locks smooth and silky. Apply a moisturizing oil to your hair when wet prior to styling or if you prefer once styled massage a small amount of oil onto your hair.

Helpful Tip: For extra hydration create a hair mask by applying 100% Coconut Oil to your hair prior to bed.  Wrap your hair in a twist or ponytail and go to sleep.  Overnight this all natural oil will deeply penetrate your hair providing the hydration needed to help restore it.  In the morning, wash with your usual cleanser and conditioner.

Cover Up

We know how dangerous UV rays are for our skin, but we often neglect to think about how it affects our hair and scalp.  Exposure to too much sun can cause your scalp to burn and your hair to become dry and brittle.  The best way to protect yourself is to cover up. Wear a cute hat or scarf to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your head.  Although it will not give you 100% protection, it will help shield your hair from harmful UV rays.  Color your hair recently? Covering your hair will preserve color and prevent bleaching from the sun.

Avoid Heat

Between the sun and humidity your hair is exposed to a lot of heat during the summer months. Why expose it to more?  Give your hair a break and cut back on styling tools such as blow dryers and flat irons.  Allow your hair to air-dry and style it using a fun braid or a twist.  Summer is a great time to go au naturel and will help your hair stay healthier.

Helpful tip: Hair that is dry and brittle from the heat and humidity is more apt to break.  To help prevent this from occurring, when allowing your hair to dry naturally make sure you pat it dry rather than rub it dry.  Rubbing your wet hair adds additional stress to hair that is already in a weakened state.

Spritz On-The-Go

A day at the beach in the sun and sand can provide much needed relaxation to your mind and body.  However, the outside elements are no friend to your hair.  Salt water, sun and sand can all cause your hair to dry out and look dull.  Make sure to carry an on the go hair moisturizer that you can apply throughout the day.   Mix a small amount of your favorite natural oil with a little water in a spray bottle or if you prefer you can use a hair shine to revitalize your hair. Hair shine is weightless, helps control frizz and restores radiance and moisture to your dull hair.

When you think of summer you think of beach days, cookouts, and carefree fun.  Incorporate   these few tips into your daily routine to help maintain the health of your hair through it all!