Summertime, and the Skincare’s Easy…

Let’s face it: this spring was pretty rough. We deserve some easy, breezy this summer – so let’s lighten up our skincare routine!

Dry oil body sprays are THE summertime must-have. In the summer heat, your skin is just as thirsty as you are…but the humidity can make moisturizing lotions and creams feel h-e-a-v-y. That’s what makes dry oil body sprays so awesome: they condition your skin without the heaviness – and without leaving behind a greasy residue on your hands.

One Google search for “dry oil body sprays” will bring up about a gazillion results. So which one should you try? Good question – and Cococare, the brand committed to making better skincare accessible to as many people as possible, has a good answer: you want a dry oil spray that provides the highest nutrient content and skincare experience for the best price.

Meet Cococare’s Coconut Dry Oil Body Spray: the latest addition to Cococare’s popular line of coconut oil skincare products.

Cococare’s Coconut Dry Oil Body Spray softens and nourishes your skin with the vitamins and nutrients in coconut oil – and it’s paraben free!

Just lightly spray Cococare’s Coconut Dry Oil Body Spray on your skin, then massage it in. Fast-absorbing and fast-drying, you’ll be able to put your clothes on just seconds after – and you won’t even have to wash your hands. And the smell is amazing! Each spritz will whisk you away to a tropical island, even if you won’t be doing much traveling this summer.

Here are some pro-tips on how to make Cococare Coconut Dry Oil Body Spray part of a new summer skin routine that you’ll love:

  • Daily care: after shower or bath, mist your whole body! Your skin will have a nice glow and feel conditioned all day.
  • When you’re done having fun in the sun. Cococare’s Coconut Dry Oil Body Spray can put some hydration back into your skin. (Keep a bottle in your beach bag for immediate après-sun use!)
  • Just shaved your legs? Spray it on and rub it in to soothe razor burn.
  • Heal your heels. Don’t neglect your feet – cracked heels look bad and feel worse. Don’t forget to spritz on the moisture!
  • Minimizing manicures? That doesn’t mean your hands have to suffer. When spraying it on / rubbing it in to your hands, don’t forget your cuticles.
  • Refresh yourself after working out. Rehydrating your skin feels so good (and the scent of coconut smells so good)!
  • Taming summer hair frizz. Mist a little on your hands, gently run them over your hair, et voila: bye-bye frizz. (You can also rub some into your ends.)

When summer’s done, you don’t have to bid adieu to your new favorite skincare discovery. During the winter, pair Cococare’s Coconut Dry Oil Body Spray with your lotion or cream to seal in extra moisture! First apply the lotion / cream, and finish with a spritz.

At only $8.25 (MSRP), Cococare’s Coconut Dry Oil Body Spray upholds the brands firm 50+ year commitment to creating high-quality, accessible skincare. Cococare Coconut Dry Oil Body Spray is available online at – along with Cococare’s full collection of coconut skincare and haircare products.