The DIY Cryo Hack for Better Skin

You’ve probably seen those at-home cryo tools like masks and ice rollers that promise to reduce skin inflammation and puffiness. These were inspired by cryotherapy, a technique used to kill cancerous and precancerous cells by exposing the tissue to extremely cold (we’re talking -166 to -222 degrees Fahrenheit here) temperatures.

You might have also seen or heard about people getting cryotherapy facials or going for whole-body cryotherapy sessions. That’s because cryotherapy techniques are also great for skincare.

Which is why we’ve made this amazing at-home cryo-inspired skincare hack our go-to routine this summer:

  1. Pop our 100% Cocoa Butter Stick in the freezer for 20 minutes
  2. Once 20 minutes are up, glide it all over your face (but not right under your eyes!)
  3. Let the nourishing cocoa butter soak into your skin and enjoy the benefits associated with cryo

And the best part? It’s only $1.75!

Now obviously, using cold cocoa butter on your skin isn’t the same thing as having a doctor dab liquid nitrogen onto it or submerging your whole body in a cryo booth for a few minutes. But it can have similar benefits for your skin, like:

●Reducing puffiness

●Firming your skin up

●Giving it a sharper, more sculpted look

Whether it’s cold, room temp or even warm, cocoa butter locks in hydration and keeps your face moisturized by creating a protective barrier between your skin and everything it’s exposed to. And while it’s keeping that softness secure, it can also help with:

●Fading scars

●Lightening dark spots

●Diminishing wrinkles and fine lines

●Minimizing stretch marks

●Keeping your skin look and feel young, fresh and vibrant

But on these hot summer days, we prefer to take ours frozen!

No matter what temperature you take your 100% Cocoa Butter Stick, you can trust it’s #RealDealSkincare that won’t break the bank. Since 1969, our family-owned beauty brand has been committed to providing nutrient-rich, American-made skin and hair care that's the real deal and a GREAT deal.