100% Vitamin E Oil-14,000 I.U.
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Product Description
The Vitamin E Family is well known throughout the world for its antioxidant qualities. Antioxidants help protect and nurture skin by neutralizing free radicals from environmental pollutants and toxins. Regular use of Vitamin E on skin has been shown to aid in the prevention and repair of skin tissue damage. Use Cococare 100% Vitamin E Oil to soften skin, maintain moisture balance and to reduce the appearance of scarring, wrinkles and stretch marks. This product is Non-GMO, Gluten and Soy Free.
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate).
Gently massage desired amount into skin.
Warnings: For External Use Only.Keep Away From Children.Avoid Contact With Eyes.
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Leslie Nov 20th 2022

Cococare 100% Vitamin E Oil 14,000 I.U.

I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!! For years my fingernails have peeled so badly that frequently they would peel way into the nail bed and be sore as a result of being so thin, not to mention very unsightly. I tried every cream, oil, home remedy as well as expensive prescription topical products, wore gloves when doing dishes and so forth. I have never used nail polish or artificial nails and my doctors had no idea why this was happening. I started rubbing this oil into my cuticles to keep them soft and noticed my nails looked and felt stronger. I started applying it to my finger nails after seeing this and the peeling has completely stopped. My nails are growing out beautifully!! I apply it several times a day especially before I plan to get them wet (do dishes with no gloves, shower, etc.) and then again after I dry them off. This oil has been a miracle for me. It has no fragrance, is nice and super thick, is perfectly clear so it doesn't stain my nails, and is a fabulous price!! When you first apply it (and you don't need much) it feels a little heavy and very sticky. However, if you keep rubbing it into your nails, cuticles, and fingers it soaks in completely. You notice a difference in your nails after the first use especially if you apply it several times throughout the day. The only recommendation I would make concerning this product would be to package it with a little pump dispenser for easier application. Otherwise I wouldn't change a thing. I still cannot believe the difference it has made in the health of my fingernails!! It is AMAZING!!! Thank you, Cococare, for carrying such an outstanding product!

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