3 Summer Skincare Saviors

TLDR: These 3 100% oils are your summer skincare saviors – and available for a limited time as a Summer Skincare Savior Bundle for a special price of $18.75. While supplies last.

Oils for skincare? In summer? Yessss. Thank you, Gen Z, for shining a light on the incredible skincare power of 100% oils.

Heat. Humidity. Long days (and nights) on the beach. So many things to love about summer – although our skin and hair may not agree. Don’t worry: Cococare has the glow-up essentials that you and your wallet will love.

Get ready to shine with these 100% oils for clearer, calmer, softer summer skin!

  1. Your Pore Perfector: 100% Tea Tree Oil ($7.50)
    Want to keep your skin healthy and clear during the season when our skin gets the oiliest? Cococare’s 100% Tea Tree Oil helps control oil production and unclog pores – and its antibacterial properties help reduce redness and inflammation. It can also treat dry scalp (add a few drops to shampoo); soothe sunburned skin (mix a few drops with a carrier oil and apply to your skin for instant relief); and even act as a natural insect repellent (put a few drops in water and spray it on your skin)!
  1. Your Skin Rehydrater: 100% Coconut Oil($5.25)Protect your skin from summer’s environmental dehydrators like sun, saltwater and chlorine! Cococare’s 100% Coconut Oil not only helps replenish moisture, it also helps skin retain moisture – improving elasticity for a brighter complexion. And while we all slather on our sunblock diligently (right?), sunburn still happens sometimes – and coconut oil can help minimize that sunburn itching and peeling. What about dry, damaged summer hair? Forget overpriced hair masks…100% coconut oil is nature’s overnight deep conditioner.
  1. Your Skin Savior: 100% Vitamin E Oil($7.50) Did you know your skincare this summer can actually help protect your skin tone for future summers? It’s true. The antioxidant properties of our 100% Vitamin E Oil helps soften skin and maintain critical moisture balance now – to help minimize sun damage later. That includes the skin on your lips! Just dab Vitamin E oil on summer chapped lips before bed so it can work while you sleep.

Don’t forget: skincare is about more than your face! Your whole body deserves high-nutrient skincare products that are fairly priced and really work. That’s what Cococare calls #RealDealSkincare, and it’s what we’ve been delivering for over 50 summers.