Lip Balm, Chapped Lips, And Your Beautiful Smile

Our Luscious Lips

Lips literally tell stories. Where a person's been, where they're going, how they speak. As a prominent feature on the body, they are often one of the first things people look at when they see you. We take our lovely lips for granted more than we care to realize, and it is not until there is a problem that we truly understand how much we rely on them.

As summer begins to slowly wind down, and the craze of back to school shopping leaves many of us exhausted, there is an unbelievably obvious fact most are overlooking.

Winter is coming.

Chapped Lips

Everyone has felt that horrid sensation. You know, where you can't even smile without a wave of discomfort washing over your face? Every bite of food becomes a struggle, and every funny joke is followed by a mixture of laughter and wincing. The act of speaking becomes a chore, and you only engage when it becomes absolutely necessary. Then there's the other kind of discomfort. Constantly worrying that every person you meet will only focus on those scaly lips, and whether or not they saw you fidgeting with them. Might as well go ahead and forget about that goodnight kiss.

Woe is me.


You see, unlike the rest of our body, the lips actually cannot produce their own oil. As a result, they are one of the quickest things to dry out. Without some way of keeping them moisturized, they will assuredly become chapped, and the whole miserable experience begins.

The Weather

The climate is considered by most to be the biggest contributor, with lip balm sales peaking every December. When the earth becomes cold in winter, there is less moisture in the air to keep the skin happy, thus leading to cracked, flaky lips.

This ordeal is not limited to just that part of the year though. Exposure to sunlight during the warmer months is responsible not just for sunburnt shoulders, but will also dry the lips out just as much as any frozen night. Especially since most avoid applying sunscreen anywhere near their mouth.

Harmful Stuff

Weather does not deserve all of the blame however, as there are a great many substances we unknowingly expose ourselves to that all contribute to our discomfort.

Vitamin A for instance, is well known in the medical community for causing an increase in chapped lips. Whereas the opposite, a deficiency in Vitamins B12, B6, or Niacin, are more common than realized. These essential vitamins play an important role in regulating our lip's moisture, and a lack of them will result in both swollen and dry lips. This is not helped by the fact that most modern foods are incredibly high in salt content, a particularly potent drying agent.

Treatment For Dry or Chapped Lips

At this point, it may seem as though the whole world is out to get those lips of yours. The food we eat, the vitamin supplements we take, and our own lipstick contributes to the everlasting battle between beauty and comfort.

More Water

The most common piece of advice offered is to increase one's water intake. Dehydration will cause dryness not just of the lips, but of many other parts on our bodies as well. If you have a dry mouth and chapped lips, most likely all you need is a tall glass of water and it will clear up in no time at all.

If you have a bad problem of waking up with chapped lips, try installing a humidifier in your room. This will keep the moisture in the air high and constant, and greatly reduce the chance of your lips chapping throughout the day.

Fighting The Elements

When dealing with hot weather and staying outside for extended periods of time, the best option is to invest in moisturizing lip balm. You'll beat the heat while looking your best, and you won't have to worry about scaly lips.

In the winter time, wrap a scarf around your mouth. This will help keep moisture trapped in and around your mouth, and lessen the chance of cold sores from appearing.

Avoid exfoliating your lips. Around your face is fine, but pulling those extra layers off your lips will only make them more irritable.


Lip Balm

For quick, immediate relief, as well as an effective preventative measure, use a lip balm with natural ingredients such as cocoa butter. Cocoa butter lip balm is a highly recommended. It is high in natural antioxidants and contains emollient qualities that will lock the moisture into your lips.

Cocoa butter lip balm not only treats dry or cracked lips, but will smooth the skin around your mouth, helping to create full, luscious lips. It also has an absolutely delightful smell!

We offer a consistent, highly reviewed cocoa butter lip balm, which is definitely worth checking out!