Multitasking Skincare For Your Minimalist 2023 Beauty Routine

Leave complicated, multi-step beauty regimens in the past. In 2023, we’re all about maximizing our skincare routines AND our budgets!

Our US-based, family-owned beauty brand has been committed to creating products that do just that for over 50 years – so we know a thing or two about recession-proof beauty.

Recent years championed Hyaluronic Acid to lock in hydration, but 2023’s hero ingredient to add moisture, bounce, and balance is glycerin. The key is finding products with a formulation containing enough glycerin to make it truly effective! Want to go from 0 to 100? Cococare’s 100% Glycerin conditions, softens and protects skin with its all-natural, fragrance-free,vegetarian formula. Hair also looking dry and damaged? Use 100% Glycerin to hydrate and condition hair back to health!

Need ingredients to hold all that moisture in to keep the skin barrier intact? Enter: ceramides, like the ones found in Cococare’sAll Natural Grapeseed Oil.

Composed of several saturated and unsaturated fatty acids that help maintain healthy skin, Cococare’sAll Natural Grapeseed Oil is a light, silky oil enriched with natural Vitamin E. Itquickly absorbs into skin making it a great face moisturizer that also tones your skin and soothes minor irritations.

Being a multitasker, the antioxidant benefits of grapeseed oil go beyond skin care, of course! It is also a scalp-nourishing secret to help foster hair growth (remember the viral TikTok hair regrowth hack?) and a great carrier oil for aromatherapy or a base for an invigorating massage oil!

Another one of our best-selling multitasking skin saviors is 100% Vitamin E Oila non-GMO, gluten- and soy-free oil known for its antioxidant qualities that not only softens skin but also maintains critical moisture balance. It also helps:

●Protect & nurture skin by neutralizing free radicals from environmental pollutants & toxins

●Prevent & repair of skin tissue damage with regular use

●Reduce the appearance of scarring, wrinkles & stretch marks

●Keep cuticles healthy

Celebs love Cococare’s affordable 100% Vitamin E Oil, too. This Is Us star Susan Kelechi Watson uses it to help achieve her healthy glow!

So take this as your sign to make your New Year’s resolution this: Make your skincare routine work smarter, not harder with Cococare’s Real Deal Skincare.