The Natural Beauty Benefits of Cocoa Butter Cream

Cocoa butter is an amazing, natural cream that has been used since 1828. It's a great natural moisturizer that provides so many benefits to your skin.

Cocoa butter is produced from cocoa beans that grow on cocoa trees - the same trees used to produce chocolate. Cocoa beans are fermented and roasted to produce this amazing butter. Cocoa butter is also used as a base for white chocolate, milk chocolate and many other chocolate treats.

All Natural Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter consists of many strong antioxidants. It has a velvety texture, chocolate fragrance and strong moisturizing properties. These traits make it a popular and effective natural skin care product, which is why cocoa butter is often included in soaps and lotions.

One of the best forms of cocoa butter for your skin is cocoa butter cream. Cocoa butter creams are thicker than other cocoa butter products. This may help them be more effective at treating dry, rough skin, wrinkles and stretch marks. A premium cocoa butter cream should be heavily moisturizing, but not greasy.

Cocoa butter cream has many natural beauty benefits, including:

Cocoa Butter Cream is High in Antioxidants

When your body's metabolism creates energy, it also forms free radicals. These molecules are also formed by exposure to pollutants in the air, and they destroy cells.

When free radicals destroy skin cells, your skin begins to display more signs of aging. Free radicals cause oxidation, and when this happens to your skin, it begins to wrinkle and dry up, causing you to look older than you should.

Cocoa butter cream contains many antioxidants. These antioxidants destroy the free radicals before they can cause oxidation. This helps keep your skin looking and feeling young.

You may have heard of the power of antioxidants thanks to the popularity of superfoods like blueberries. These superfoods are healthy for you because they are high in antioxidants. It might surprise you to learn that cocoa butter cream has a higher concentration of antioxidants than these superfoods!

Cocoa Butter Cream for Stretch Marks

Many pregnant women say that using cocoa butter cream has helped reduce the formation of stretch marks. This has led many women to try it as a natural way to prevent stretch marks. Some women feel the high density of antioxidants and other nutrients help cocoa butter prevent the formation of stretch marks.

Fatty Acids Hydrate Deeply

Cocoa butter has a large concentration of fatty acids - it's composed almost entirely of fatty acids. Stearic acid is the main fatty acid in cocoa butter. Stearic acid is a naturally occurring form of fat that is known for it's softening qualities. Check the labels on your favorite beauty products - many of them contain a processed form of stearic acid. They do this to help them hydrate your skin more deeply. Cocoa butter is naturally high in this amazing compound, so cocoa butter cream is able to penetrate deep into your skin and hydrate it from within.

Cocoa Butter Protects Your Skin

Cocoa butter has long been used for the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. It's believed cocoa butter works so well in these cases because it forms a physical barrier between your skin and its environment. This blocks out the free radicals and other pollutants in our environment from attacking your skin. Cocoa butter cream is especially good at forming this barrier.

Cocoa butter forms such a thick barrier that it can create a waterproof barrier over your skin, holding your skin's moisture in.

Moisturize and Strengthen Your Hair

Cocoa butter and can be used to moisturize and strengthen your hair. Some studies have even shown that it can reduce dandruff and improve the health of your hair follicle beds. Some men even use cocoa butter to help reduce hair loss and the onset of male pattern baldness.

Cocoa Butter Cream is an Anti-Inflammatory

Cocoa butter cream contains cocoa mass polyphenol (CMP). CMPs stop the creation or spread of inflammation like dermatitis and other inflammation on your skin.

Finding the Best Cocoa Butter Cream

The best cocoa butter cream should be thick, but non-greasy, like our Cocoa Butter Super Rich Formula Cream. Because it's made from simple, natural ingredients it's healthy and affordable, and great for your skin!

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